Basement Wall Crack Repair

Are the foundation walls in your basement leaking because of cracks? Or maybe you have water coming up from cracks in your basement slab or even your driveway? Wet, musty walls and floors make your basement space unwelcoming, impractical, and wasted to the point where you don’t even like thinking about it! The good news is that leaking concrete cracks, waterlogged joints, and weathered concrete are all able to be repaired in most cases. Here are some of your options for fixing basement wall cracks and floors:

  • Epoxy or urethane crack injections can be used on poured concrete walls, pit marks, holes, and in various other applications.
  • Elastic crack fillers can be used, with added sand, for cracks larger than 1/2 inch, on porous blocks that leak, and for other serious leakage and seepage scenarios.
  • Special gap filler kits are available for penetrations in piping.

Effectively sealing out leaks from cracks involves filling them fully from top to bottom, as deep in as they run. Water leaks can be permanently stopped, and the surrounding concrete can be protected from further breakdown. In most cases, there’s no need for drilling or widening.

Many homeowners attempt to repair cracks in their basement walls with various types of caulking. This is not effective because water will work its way in, creating efflorescence (a white, powdery substance) and, in time, make the caulk loses its grip. In a short time, the caulk will loosen to the point of non-performance. Then, when the caulk fails, the disheartened homeowner will often pull it out and replace it with cement patching. As with the caulking, the cement will develop efflorescence, and soon the water will be leaking through again.

The leaky cracks in your basement walls can be quickly and efficiently repaired!

Utilizing the assistance and resources of a professional basement waterproofing company, the cracks in your basement floors and walls can be permanently and affordably repaired. You’ll be able to enjoy using the dry, healthy space in your basement once again.