Downspout Extensions

A lot of basement flooding challenges are caused by improperly installed downspouts. Your downspouts are supposed to be in place to complete the function of your gutter system. The gutters gather rainwater and channel it to the downspouts for further direction to in-ground drainage systems. You see, your home’s downspouts are extremely important because they direct thousands of gallons of water away from your basement walls and foundation – water that can cause loads of costly basement flooding issues.

Some homes have no gutter/downspout system in place, greatly increasing the probability of developing future water/moisture issues. In other cases, functional downspouts have simply become clogged beyond their ability to shed water, allowing it to back into and flow over the sides of the gutter runs. This pouring water accumulates very rapidly – and often saturates the perimeter of your basement so much that a “moat effect” is created.

Having your downspouts extended is very fast, affordable – and intelligent!

Downspout extensions and other gutter system enhancements are important, even in homes with superior drainage systems in place. The reason is simple: less water to filter and drain away is less work for the drainage systems – and less work for the systems elongates the lives of systems.

Modern in-ground downspout extensions are attractively inset directly into the earth. There’s no need to worry about decreasing curb appeal. They are clog-resistant and never need to be moved to accommodate grass mowing. They are designed to self-flush away debris, including leaves, silt, and more. Even freezing doesn’t stop their determined functioning.

And, of course, there are still above-ground downspout extensions available. Depending on landscaping and other considerations, these downspout extensions are commonly positioned anywhere from 2 to 8 feet away from the structure they are helping to protect. Other innovative products include gutter leaf guards, downspout filters that prevent roof-side clogging, and more.