What’s The Difference Between Damp Proofing and Water Proofing

There can be a big difference between damp proofing and waterproofing as they are both very effective in the way that they will minimize the amount of moisture and water that can be causing problems within your home. It all comes down to the method you choose and where your house or building is located, and if you are near water or have a lot of rain throughout the year.

If you want to make the correct decision in protecting your home from such problems happening, then you need to understand the difference between the two processes. They can both prevent moisture from entering into the structure of the building, and damp proofing is often done with a product that will be of a water-based mixture that will prevent the transmission of vapor as waterproofing will more than often provide rubber protection that prevents the water from getting to the surface of the building.

The process of damp proofing is done within your home by sealing off your basement using a water-based mixture product which is made to prevent moisture from getting excess to the surface of the foundation. This will work very well in preventing water from going into the surface of the building and is usually cheaper than waterproofing.

The process of waterproofing is a more expensive option but does have a lot more benefits to damp proofing. You will have a rubber foundation that will be applied to the problem area to prevent water and moisture from penetrating the surface. There is a variety of excellent water-based products out on the market now. As your foundation will start to crack throughout the years, the waterproofing product will settle and stretch in these cracks keeping the water out of your building.

Irrespective of what damp problems you have, the professionals are only a phone call away. However, the first port of call should always be by asking your friends and family if they have any recommended professionals in this industry, and if they have no one in mind, search on the internet on the trade sites and read through past customer reviews and get some advice. This will provide you will a lot of useful information on the subject of whether the dampness rising is getting caused by condensation, waterproofing services, or insect infestation.